This is an ongoing client and good friend of mine who comes to me for just about everything print related. There are more projects in the works, Ill update this project as they come to fruition!
The Logo, developed from a photo she gave me to work with.
This web header was made from another photo she game me.
 You can see it on Becca's website: and while youre there, learn more about her amazing services and expertise.
I think the first thing I designed for Becca; a flyer. From this photo of her very hands holding a flower she found in China, we made the logo. 
Back of the flyer- In this I used a photo of some beautiful hindu statues taken on Becca's trip to China.
Business Cards
She wanted 4 different photos so I created a set of 4 for her. A creative way to not make a decision. ;)
Thats all for now!
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